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On this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), we have tried to be as clear and as intuitive as possible. There you will find links to the answers to your questions about Home Staging: What is home staging? What is the difference between decoration and home staging? How much does it cost ? How quickly? Do you have examples of completed projects? etc ...

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What is Home Staging?

Home Staging consists of preparing a property for sale or rental on the real estate market.

The objective of the staging is to make the accommodation attractive to the greatest number of potential buyers, thus selling a property at the best possible time and price.

Difference between Decoration & Home Staging

The decoration adapts to the customer's tastes (colors, textures, patterns, style, atmosphere ...). Personalization is the key.

Home staging adapts to future buyers. Its style is therefore neutral and must appeal to as many people as possible to create the purchase crush.

How much does a Home Staging cost?

The prices charged at Paris Staging adapt to each project. They take into account the number of spaces to work (rooms, outdoor spaces), the volumes of the spaces (empty or already furnished), the duration of the intervention, the distance from the site, the constraints of the place (model apartment, floors without elevators ...), duration of the service (> 4 months),

A home staging costs on average between 2,500 euros and 5,500 euros (price excluding VAT). Some luxury services can go up to much higher prices depending on demand and needs: more than 50,000 euros (price excluding VAT).

Who pay the cost of Home Staging?

Regarding the cost of home staging, everything depends on the sponsor.

It can be either an individual,

or a real estate professional.

Note that for the seller owner, this service may be partially or totally supported by the real estate agency depending on the type of mandate signed: exclusive or simple.

Before-After examples

Discover pictorial examples of our projects.

Go to the page of our achievements and discover our latest projects in before and after images or visit them in a 360° Virtual Tour.

How to choose your Home Stager?

It is very important to choose a service provider with whom you get along well and who clearly identifies the issues of your project. A relationship of trust must be established with this partner.

No room for ego. Your home stager is at the service of the sale or the rental of your accommodation. He must be able to present to you projects carried out by him and explain to you how he took up the challenge. Because each site is unique, and each site is a challenge.

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