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Furnished apartment sold in 15 days in Suresnes

We were skeptical at first and the cost seemed high. We thought our apartment had a sober decoration and not too personalized.

The conversation with Mr. Simonnet enlightened us on the changes he wanted to make to our interior. He emphasized the homogeneity of the decoration throughout the apartment that it was necessary to give it.

The work was carried out over a week. Some small pieces of furniture and paintings have been put in the cellar, others have changed rooms. The realization gave the whole thing a universal modern touch, which made it possible to trigger a sale within 2 weeks.

Martine L.


Garden level sold with 2.22% bargaining price in Suresnes (92)!

Thank you very much Guillaume-Emmanuel for your availability and for the work!
I am delighted with the result and so are the owners 😃

See you soon,

Manon A.

Real Estate Agent (Villa d'Ouest)

Sold in 2 weeks after Home Staging Classic in Paris 06!

Dear Sir,

I wanted to thank you again very much for the magnificent work done in my apartment, work which will have quickly borne fruit. The buyer, who is an expat, made an offer after seeing your photos and confirmed his offer on Monday during his visit.

François C.


Furnished apartment sold at asking price in Paris 03!

Guillaume Simonnet/Paris Staging is a very talented professional with high attention to detail and he creates an elegant, but practical aesthetic to your property that will have wide appeal.

He is able to declutter, simplify and depersonalize the decor so everyone can imagine comfortably living in your space and making it their own.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Guillaume and he so carefully packaged all my artwork and put everything that wasn’t needed into storage for me.

My apartment was on the market several weeks before Paris Staging was hired. Within a couple of weeks of working his magic the apartment sold for asking price.

I most highly recommend Guillaume and his company as he gets the results that will make you very happy.

Madelaine G.

US Owner selling an apartment

Sale at the price from the 1st visit in Paris 11!

Guillaume is a constant professional with strong attention to detail and a good understanding of the North American market. I highly recommend his services!

Charles B.

Real Estate Agent (Enfants Rouges)

Sale at the price from the 1st visit in Paris 17!

The photos are excellent.
Well done, really, I am delighted! It was a great investment. Thank you !
The result is perfect.

Eve P.

US Owner selling an apartment

Sold in 10 days after 1 year without offer ...

The problem with an empty property is the difficulty for visitors to project themselves. But thanks to Guillaume's home staging, there were about ten visits including 3 offers!

Good job Guillaume!

Kohei S.

Real Estate Agent (effiCity)

Home Staging flash...

Excellent work !

In a few hours and above all at a moment's notice, Guillaume has transformed with successive and elegant touches all the rooms of a house before the photoshoot preceding its sale.

The result is perfect.

David J.

Real Estate Agent (Investimm Pro)

Time saving and return on investment

Very high professionalism! Allowed us to sell the property without price negotiation, really triggering a crush! I recommend Paris Staging from all points of view: time saving and return on investment without a shadow of a doubt!

Goradana G.

Real Estate Agent (Vaneau)

2nd bedroom of 3.5 m² Carrez law

1st home staging of our agency and I am convinced that the professionalism and the service provided by this company will lead to the sale of this property. To recommend. Listening professional with a very good mastery of volumes and room layout. Quality service.

Franck S.

Real Estate Agent (Foncia)

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