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Before-After Home Staging



Initial problem :

The apartment is located on a false raised ground floor with large bay windows. Left empty by the owners, visitors found that there was too much vis-à-vis on the street, despite the setback between the building and the sidewalk.

They also couldn't project themselves and imagine that they could install a dining area and a lounge area in the living room.

After 3 months without many visits or offers, the real estate agent, who was in competition with a local agency, therefore negotiated an exclusive mandate with his clients and at the same time offered to set up a home staging to revitalize good.

Solution provided :

For this project, we proposed a "Home Staging Classic". This complete formula consists of furnishing the accommodation with furniture and decorative accessories lent throughout the sale by Paris Staging.

After a few days, after having optimized the volumes and the luminosity of each room, the circulation in the spaces, and created a harmonious and warm staging of the places, we end with the essential photo session. The qualitative work of Denis TRIBHOU, our professional photographer, allows us to offer each of our clients a qualitative communication support, with realistic photos in natural light.

Result :

Sold in 15 days with 2 offers at the price.

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