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Before-After Home Staging



Initial problem :

The owners wanted to sell their house quickly without selling off its price. Having lived abroad, they knew the concept of home staging and naturally applied this method to their own case.

Solution provided :

This townhouse, well maintained, was already nicely decorated and not too busy in terms of decoration or furniture.

For this project, we proposed a "Home Staging Flash". This formula always consists in optimizing the volumes and the luminosity of each room, the circulation in the spaces, and creating a harmonious and warm staging of the places. The difference with the "Home Staging Classic" formula is that we do not leave any furniture or accessories after the work, even if we can bring some for the time of the photo shoot.

The qualitative work of Denis TRIBHOU, our professional photographer, allows us to offer each of our clients a qualitative communication support, with realistic photos in natural light.

Result :

Finally, the family appreciated the new enhancement of the spaces so much that they stayed in the premises. How home staging sometimes creates unique favorites!

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