Our Home Staging offer
For Real Estate Professionals and Individuals

The concept of Home Staging, which appeared in the 1970s in the United States, consists of preparing homes and showcasing them for sale or rental.

8 out of 10 people cannot project themselves into places.

This means that they are unable to ignore the personal decoration of the owners or to apprehend the volumes in spaces that are too furnished or empty.

At Paris Staging, our work allows
50% of visitors to project themselves and trigger this crush which generally leads to one or more offers.

Our work mainly consists of optimizing spaces in terms of volume, circulation and luminosity.

  • Classic

  • Flash

  • Coaching

  • Decoration

Home Staging Classic

After an initial scouting of the premises, our team cleans, declutters, rearranges and stages all the rooms of the apartment or house to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere. A photo shoot is offered at the end of the construction site to allow you to communicate well on your announcements.

This service is invoiced on estimate after preliminary audit.

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