Do you have a property to offer for rent? Empty or furnished? As with a property for sale, consider valuing it with home staging so that it can be rented faster and better.

One of my cousins once gave me this advice:
"When you rent out a property, do as for yourself; as if you were going to live there."

Maintenance work vs Renovation work

So do not hesitate to do some refreshment or upgrading work (electricity, plumbing). A well maintained regularly costs less expensive in the end and degrades less quickly than a good on which nothing is done or only in disaster.

Note also that you can tax deduct some of these investments, especially those relating to energy improvements. A new generation electric radiator with gentle heat is more economical than an old "toaster". Your future tenants will be sensitive to their future expenses and the charges they will have to pay. If you want to keep them for a long time, this is the first step. In addition, during the entry inventory, there will be nothing to report and the comparison with the exit will be easier and faster to carry out.

Furnished rental

As part of a furnished rental, you must provide a certain number of mandatory equipment in the accommodation (bedding, hob, oven, crockery, table, chairs, lights ...)

You will find details on the official website of Legifrance.

To enhance your property, we can take care of the complete staging of it. From the choice of furniture and accessories according to your budget, to the layout of spaces with professional photos taken for better communication.

  • Benefits :
    Enhancement of your property which can be rented better and faster
    Save time because we can buy and / or receive furniture for you
  • Constraints:
    The cost of home staging is your responsibility